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Dead of Night
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Dead of Night

revised short story - approximately 12 pages

By Ozzy Longoria and William Thomason

The tale begins with our main character Will, a broken and battered man, showing crippling wounds from a previous encounter. He recalls for us the tale of his journey across the open range of America hunting the man who wounded him so deeply, both physically and mentally. While the narration occurs, we get a glimpse of where the villainous Dark Rider has arrived ahead of Will, in a quaint western town. There, he preys upon the townspeople, just as he has done from town to town throughout the years. The local sheriff of the town tries to defeat the Dark Rider after the Rider murders the sherrif's fiance'. But the sheriff is no match for the secrets the Rider holds.

As Will arrives into the town, on his never ending hunt to destroy the Dark Rider, being the only man the Rider was foolish enough to let live, Will encounters the trouble. When Will confronts the Rider for a final reckoning, we see the Rider for what he really is, a horrid vampire like beast, as he tears the town sheriff limb from limb. Will and the Rider engage in final battle, one fighting for vengeance, the other for evil. Although Will is a shell of his former self after their last confrontation, he knows the Rider and he is prepared. However, the Rider eventually overcomes Will with brute strength and agility. In the end, amidst a destroyed bar scene from the fight, the Rider straddles Will's broken dying body, preparing to deliver the final blow. Will with his final strength reaches out beside him for a broken table leg, shaped very much like a stake, and as the Rider deals the death blow, Will drives the steak through the back of the Rider, through his chest and into Will himself. As we leave the story, we see the lifeless bodies of the Rider and Will, villain and avenger, pinned together on the floor of the bar.   (303) 8322304

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Dead of Night Cover

Dead of Night #1

Dead of Night#02